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Hello and welcome to my website

Andrea Sofrionou

My name is Andrea Sofroniou and for over 20 years I have been working with children and in the field of childcare in a range of capacities ranging from nursery manager, teacher, foster carer, parent and author. Within my roles, I have been fortunate enough to work with children at all levels from Babies-Key stage 4.

Alongside and within these roles, I have developed my skills with working with children who have a wide range of Special Educational Needs and disabilities moreover, I have developed a particular specialism in Emotional Behaviour Disorder (EBD) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

I have always been committed to furthering my professional development and extending my learning. As a result, my current qualifications range from a Nursery Nurse qualification to a Master’s Degree in Education and most recently, acquiring a certificate in Place2Be to assist children with emotional issues.

So now I want to share my expertise, theory and practice with you!

I offer a range of consultancy support which is catered for your specific needs


  • Weaning
  • Bathing
  • Early development techniques and strategies
  • Potty training
  • SEN support
Posiquisitive EYFS Consultancy and training


  • Observations and gathering evidence
  • Understanding the learning and development
  • Understanding the child and putting them at the forefront
  • Effective practice and what this looks like
  • How to manage staff
  • Learning through play, true child initiated learning
  • How to facilitate and support without taking over and leading

KS1 & 2

  • Phonics
  • Incorporating National curriculum with EYFS
  • How to support transitions
  • How to nurture a child and to tune into their emotional needs
  • Behaviour policies
  • Positive workforce and attitude
  • Mental wellbeing
  • How to support parents, children and your team
  • How to support and cater for SEN children inclusively

Mental Health

  • Supporting mental well-being post lockdown for parents and children
  • Positive thinking and attitude
  • How to balance work and home life

Bespoke Consultancy and Training

As well as these areas I’m very happy to design and create an entirely bespoke consultancy and training programme based on your specific need. Fill the form in to let me know what you need, or click the links in the footer to contact me on LinkedIn or via email!









Organising with our mental health in mind.

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Behaviour, Communication and Language

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Andrea has been absolutely incredible! Being first time parents and with me recovering from a c-section, we were both very overwhelmed at the start of our parenting journey, especially when it came to bathing our little one! Andrea was absolutely fantastic – she came round and gave our son his first bath, talking us through everything she was doing and why, and our son absolutely loved it. Bath time is now the favourite part of his day! I get very anxious about things and her energy and positive attitude helped reassure me and give me confidence in my parenting choices. She is always there to support us!

Andrea was so supportive and had many ideas to support with weaning. Our daughter was a hesitant eater and was very fussy with different tastes and textures- we were starting to run out of ideas about what to do next. When we met Andrea, she spent time discussing the issues we were having and we wrote a meal plan together to suit us and her. She gave us many hints and tips about how to make tasty recipes baby friendly. She then spent time cooking some of the meals alongside me and supported with nutritional information as well as info about how to store and heat safely. She spent time with our daughter during meal times and focused on making it a positive experience. I couldn’t believe it when she ate the food Andrea had prepared and even came back for more!

I have worked with Andrea for three years at one of London’s primary schools in the nursery and found her to be professional, knowledgeable and very accurate in her judgements towards children’s development.
While we were working together, Andrea was a very talented member of our team whom everyone could count on. When I first started, she helped me with my lessons and planning by modelling and giving advice on how to facilitate staff and what methods to use to children’s attention. Andrea is very accurate in recognising signs of SEN and she is excellent at adopting suitable tools and techniques to improve those children’s skills. Her teaching is both diagnostic and remedial, strict and fun.
On a professional and personal level Andrea was always there and still is, to support, give advice and point me in the right direction. She has an enthusiastic, energetic and professional disposition and adds great value to any project she becomes involved in. The children who were taught by her can think of themselves to be very fortunate. Her dedication to the profession makes her an outstanding teacher and a leader.

Andrea has been a paramount figure in early years child development. Andrea has worked with children of different developmental needs, and has a proven track record of teaching children, those with gifted levels of attainment to those with special educational needs. She has helped to facilitate routines for children with EAL, SEND amongst many more. Andrea has been a significant team member and role model teaching teachers new to their careers as well as those who have significant experience working in child education. Her energy and enthusiasm is highlighted through her passion and love of what she does. She truly is a gem every parent with young children needs to have in their lives. During earlier stages in my career Andrea was supportive with planning for children’s needs, she worked tirelessly to ensure that standards of teaching for children were good. She supported me with quick solutions to help children with different spectrums of autism some being severe to mild. Andrea assisted parents with tips on potty training children who were late and struggled to get this embedded into their routines. Andrea has real solutions to real everyday problems surrounding child development.