Posiquisitive Baby Sessions

Help your baby become the positive and inquisitive explorer they were born to be.

“A wonderful, colourful class including all touchy feely resources that kept the babies happy and interested the whole time. A great way to meet other mums too!”

– Yvonne Attridge, via Facebook

At my Posiquisitive-Baby sessions your child will be exposed to a range of sensory and heuristic experiences that will help to stimulate their senses, discuss how your baby learns and the benefits.

Babies absorb information and process it from the moment of conception. Not only will these sessions help your baby to thrive, they will strengthen the bond that is already established between you, as well as to give you the opportunity to meet other parents/carers and babies and ask for any advice or questions you may have.

“My little boy is 6 months old and he absolutely loved this baby sensory class! Andrea was full of energy and my baby really engaged in all of the activities. They were all very thoughtfully chosen with a sensory purpose which was lovely! His favourite part was the bubbles at the end and the lights!! Needless to say he had the best nap when he got home as he was so stimulated. I have booked another 4 sessions, definitely worth it if you haven’t booked already.”

– Eleni Michaela, via Facebook

Check out the available dates for the Posiquisitive Baby Sessions!

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