EYFS Consulting and Training

As a qualified nursery nurse, former nursery manager, foster carer, parent and author, I have gained a huge amount of expertise in the Early Years and Foundation Stage sector of education. My goal now is to help EYFS providers to achieve the absolute best outcomes for the children in their care by sharing my experience and practice with you!

Collage image of Andrea and other EYFS Experts at a panel discussion
  • Observations and gathering evidence
  • Understanding the learning and development
  • Understanding the child and putting them at the forefront
  • Effective practice and what this looks like
  • How to manage staff
  • Learning through play, true child initiated learning
  • How to facilitate and support without taking over and leading

  • Facilitating self-regulation and what this looks like

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Andrea has been a paramount figure in early years child development. Andrea has worked with children of different developmental needs, and has a proven track record of teaching children, those with gifted levels of attainment to those with special educational needs. She has helped to facilitate routines for children with EAL, SEND amongst many more. Andrea has been a significant team member and role model teaching teachers new to their careers as well as those who have significant expereince working in child education. Her energy and enthusiasm is highlighted through her passion and love of what she does. She truly is a gem every parent with young children needs to have in their lives. During earlier stages in my career Andrea was supportive with planning for children’s needs, she worked tirelessly to ensure that standards of teaching for children were good. She supported me with quick solutions to help children with different spectrums of autism some being severe to mild. Andrea assissted parents with tips on potty training children who were late and struggled to get this embedded into thier routines. Andrea has real solutions to real everyday problems surrounding child dvelopment.